Unleashing Merino’s Brilliance

Our Range Of Fabrics

In our view, Merino is a miracle fibre. The natural product has so many wonderful properties; it’s sustainable, renewable, super comfortable, easy to live in, and live with. It’s so good we could have left it at that, but we wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t look for innovation. So we did. And we’ve found ways of making Merino fabric even more desirable to fit with today’s lifestyles, which means you have more choice than ever.


Pure Merino

Pure Merino is simply superb. It’s a fabric that’s pure in every sense of the word – it’s sustainable and totally biodegradable. It’s exceptionally easy to wear and care for. The natural fibre resists odours, it keeps you warm in the cold and wet, yet breathes to keep you comfortable when conditions heat up. Pure Merino fabrics deliver excellent digital printing results unlocking unlimited design and colour options.

Combines beautifully with Lycra for extra stretch and shape recovery.

Natural Synergy

Natural Synergy Merino

This is the natural choice. Natural Synergy Merino beautifully blends Merino with other natural fibres. The blended fabric delivers Merino’s performance, comfort, and style, with the unique properties of the chosen natural fibre.

Available blends include; tencel, cotton and silk.

Strong and Light

Strong & Light Merino

The best of both worlds. All the comfort, style and thermo performance of Merino with the strength and lightness of nylon. Strong & Light Merino delivers on durability, strength and recovery, without compromising on weight. A merino and nylon blend also delivers excellent digital printing results, unlocking unlimited design and colour options.

Nylon core, nylon wrap, intimate blend and nylon faced options available.

Dry & Durable

Dry & Durable Merino

Dry & Durable Merino is a very clever combination of Merino and polyester. It delivers all the comfort, style and thermo performance you expect from Merino, plus the quick drying, lightweight strength of polyester. Comes in a wide range of finishes so you can be extra creative.

Available in polyester intimate blend, polyester faced and polyester integrated fabrics. These are the key segments in our Dry and Durable range:

  • Enhanced – Merino blend that is enhanced through the structure or make up of fibre blends.
  • Merino Performance – Merino polyester blend with near equal Merino and polyester content
  • Merino Pathway – A cost effective entry into Merino blended fabric

Thermo Comfort

Thermo Comfort Merino

Thermo Comfort, in either 100% Merino or as a Merino blend, captures pockets of air within the fabric to provide extra warmth without the weight. It’s soft and sumptuous to the touch and ideal for mid to outer layer garments.

Available in brushed, milled and heavyweight options.

Visual Animation

Visual Animation Merino

Let your imagination run free. Visual Animation Merino combines Merino’s comfort, style and thermo performance, with unlimited colour and texture. With digital printing, jacquard and 3D texture options, your vision can be realised on a wide range of fabrics, from 100% pure Merino, to Merino blends.


Defence Merino

Defence Merino is an incredibly comfortable form of protection. It has all the properties of easy-to-wear Merino, plus added surface components, which enhance its natural water repellent and flame retardant features.

Available in 100% Merino and Merino blends.

  • Flame retardant
  • Fluro Carbon Free water repellent