About Us

In 1965, Designer Textiles International started in New Zealand, home to some of the world’s finest Merino wool and the centre for outdoor adventure in the Southern Hemisphere. It was and is the perfect place to produce world class active-wear. We have  formed partnerships with farmers and contract them to grow fibre to meet our specific and strict quality standards. We pioneered processes in the manufacture of fine Merino yarns and encouraged farming practices that cared for both the land and animals. Since then we’ve taken our fabrics with their eco-sustainable message to the world.

At Designer Textiles International we offer the complete Merino supply solution, from fibre sourcing to design and production, to a fully labelled and packaged garment. Our brands; MAPP® and ecoMe™ are your Merino guarantee of source, process and functionality. Designer Textiles International is jointly owned by Youngone Corporation and ISBE Holding AG Company (Suedwolle Group).